I love sweet potatoes. Their aroma, their taste, their inexpensiveness. I used to love plain roasted sweet potatoes until I discovered the magic of ‘sweet’ sweet potato.

Why not try it for breakfast or as a tasty dessert snack? I have been known to eat a whole bowl by itself, but you could also add it to your porridge in the winter

Serves 4
v, df, gf

2 Large sweet potatoes, washed
1 Tbls Coconut Oil
Cinnamon and Nutmeg to taste (I like a tablespoon of each, half a tablespoon at a time)

Chop your sweet potatoes into cubes, about 2-3 cm (I personally leave the skins on when roasting). Spread on a baking paper lined tray and season with your spices (I like to season with 1/2 tablespoon nutmeg and cinnamon, then when the potatoes are almost cooked, I lightly toss them around to ensure they are all soft and fluffy and then spoon the remainder of the nutmeg and cinnamon). Then simply add your coconut oil and roast your sweet potatoes until slightly browned and soft. Unlike other oils, such as canola or vegetable oil, the composition of fatty acids in coconut oils means it is resistant to oxidation at high temperatures. Plus, coconut oil provides you with some essential fatty acids for fat-soluble vitamin absorption.