As a kid I used to love Cherry Ripes and Bounty Bars and wanted to create a gluten free and healthier version of them. This recipe could not be more simple and really quick to make when you are time poor. Once made, if you keep them in the freezer you can just snack on them over a few weeks!

Cherries, berries, chocolate and coconut. Bite sized pieces. What’s not to love?

Obviously this recipe is not safe for those who can’t consume fructose, but you could modify it to only include berries that are low in fructose. As coconut oil has a very low melting temperature, you could always substitute the home-made chocolate for a block of 70% (or more) Lindt dark chocolate and 1/4 cup plant based mylk.

Serves 8+
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1 Cup Fresh Cherries
1 Cup Fresh Strawberries
2 Cups Coconut

For the chocolate:
1 Cup Cacao Powder
3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
Optional: 1 Tablespoon sweetener, such a rice malt or maple syrup

Pull the stalks off the cherries, and place to one size. Pit and chop the Strawberries and Cherries. Combine in your blender with the coconut, until the mixtures comes together. Taking roughly a dessert spoon sized portion, roll into a cylinder shape (a ball with flat bottom and top). Or, place into a silicon ice cube tray. Place these into the freezer.


On a low heat, combine your coconut oil, cacao and sweetener. Stir constantly until there are no lumps in the mixture.  Once cooled to a temperature you are happy to touch, using a toothpick, place each cherry bite into the mixture and coat. Place on baking paper, and push a cherry stalk into the top of each one. Place in the freezer for 30mins to set.

Consume from the fridge within a week, or straight from the freezer over a few weeks.